Middle School Team Leaders

YEAR 7 Leader - Ms Belinda Derby

* Community One Leader - Mr Hayden Craig

* Community Two Leader - Ms Belinda Derby

YEAR 8 Leader - Mr Peter Sharrett

* Community Three Leader - Mr Naso Tsingoida

* Community Four Leader - Mr Peter Sharrett

YEAR 9 Leader - Ms Stacey Saffron

* Community Six/Eight Leader - Ms Stacey Saffron

*Community Seven Leader - Ms Josephine Robinson

  • Assists with the induction and orientation of new students.
  • Monitors student progress (academic, social, emotional, behavioural, uniform, attendance) and communicates with teachers and parents about these.
  • Counsels students when appropriate.
  • Establishes effective communication links between school and home.
  • Assists with major school events.
  • Organises year level activities.