Bush Ranger Cadet Applications Open for 2018Bush Ranger Cadet Applications Open for 2018
Bush Ranger Cadet Applications Open for 2018
Applications for 2018 open on Day One of Term One. Application packages will be available from outside the Chaplain's Office in the Student Services building.
Parents Info Night for 2018Parents Info Night for 2018
Parents Info Night for 2018
We will be holding a Parent Information Night for our new parents. The evening is an opportunity for you to meet the Instructors and to find out more of the specifics for our first camp and the rest of the year.

Mount Lawley Bush Ranger Cadets

The school's Bush Ranger Cadet Unit was established in 1998, and each year takes between 90 and 150 cadets from Year's 7 to 12.

Applications are accepted at the start of Terms One and Three.

This website will showcase many of the different aspects of the Unit, provide you with the information that you need for Cadets this year, as well as a wrap up of the various activities we have been involved in.

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Weekly Training

The Unit meets on Monday afternoons between 3:00pm and 5:00pm, and all Cadets are expected to attend. Training ranges from campcraft and survival through to first aid, conservation and the ecosystems and environments of Western Australia.

Our Camping Program

Each year we undertake an ambitious camping program, with at least one camp per term, which has become one of the great strengths of our Unit.

It is roughly based on a two year cycle (meaning it is unlikely that we will camp in the same place in consecutive years), with plenty of adjustments to provide variety and to take advantage of opportunities. At the moment, our program looks like this:

  Odd Years Even Years
Term 1
Wellington Camp
Boranup Camp
Term 2
Leaning Tree Camp

Shark Bay Experience

Very Big Rock Camp
Term 3
Very Big Rock Camp

Ningaloo Experience

Camel Soak Camp

Karijini/Ningaloo Trip

Term 4
Tree Camp
Summit2Sea Camp

We also have a few additional experiences, which run about every 2-3 years - it means that most Cadets will get at least one opportunity to attend each of these trips during their time with the Unit. They are by invitation, and easily the most amazing experiences we offer.

Shark Bay Experience

Working as a team with the Rangers in Shark Bay for a week. (Last trip 2014, next expected 2017)

Karijini-Ningaloo Trip

Taking in Two of the most magnificent national parks in WA, Karijini gorges and the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park (Last trip 2012, 2016, next expected 2019)

The Millstream Experience

Working as a team with the Rangers in the Millstream Chichester National Park for a week. (Last trip 2014 (pilot), 2015, next expected 2018)

The Ningaloo Experience

Working as a team with the Rangers in the Ningaloo Marine Park & Cape Range National Park near Exmouth for a week. (piloting this program in 201 7 )

Community Service & Conservation

Community Service projects form an integral part of the Unit's work. Each of our camps will usually involve some form of work in the region we are visiting, some examples include:

  • Sand brushing
  • Track building and maintenance
  • Beach clean up
  • Tree planting

We are also involved in projects nearer to the school:

  • Inglewood Triangle Bushland
  • Landcare Exhibit @ the Perth Royal Show
  • Tree Planting in the Kwenda Maarlark wetlands at Perth International Airport

Our Instructors

Our Instructors are largely volunteer teachers from Mount Lawley Senior High School. Over the years we have also incorporated local youth leaders and parents in our programs.

The Unit has been led by our School Chaplain, Andrew Paul, since 1998.

Instructors have Working With Children Cards, and are trained in first aid.

Interested in Joining?

Talking to Andrew the Chaplain, or to someone who is already in the Cadet Unit, is a good way of finding out more about what is involved.

  1. Get hold of the Application Package (available outside Andrew the Chaplain's Office at the start of Terms 1 and 3.
  2. Read through to find out what is involved.
  3. Complete the Application Forms, remembering that your parents will have to sign them in several places.
  4. Hand the form in to Andrew the Chaplain, or to his pigeon hole in Student Services.

Applications will be accepted at the start of Terms 1 and 3 each year. They are due by the Wednesday of Week 2.

Speckie Ball on Mandalay Beach (2009)

This service operates with the financial support of the Department of Local Government and Communities through the Cadets WA program, and is resourced and supported by the Department of Parks & Wildlife.