Parenting Resources

The following provide a range of resources which may be of interest to parents.

Lawley Coffee Club

Party Guidelines for Parents

Insight Parenting Newsletter

Helping Your Child When Someone Dies

There Are Better Questions Than 'How Much Screen Time?'

Daily Lessons in Resilience

Managing Your Childs Anxiety 2 - PDF

Promoting A Leadership Mindset In Students - PDF

Refining Your Parenting Style - PDF

The Loss Of Healthy Rites Of Passage - PDF

Protecting Your Child's Online Privacy - PDF

When Relationships Go Wrong For Girls - PDF

Leaving Your Fathering Mark - PDF

Why Self Sufficiency Is Paramount - PDF

Helping Your Child Avoid Being Cyberbullied - PDF

Rites Of Passage - PDF

From Our School Psychologist

Coffee Club

Parents, along with some staff members, join together for a relaxing cup of coffee at our Coffee Club each 'odd' fortnight in (or just outside) the school's Café.

There is no formal agenda, but plenty of opportunity to meet people and to find out about the school.

It is a great opportunity to talk with other parents.

The Coffee Club is hosted by our School Chaplain, Andrew Paul, and our Healthy Active Coordinator, Suzi Barnes.