Mobile Telephone Policy

It is a fact of life today many students own or have access to a mobile telephone.

Many parents see their child possessing a mobile telephone in terms of safety/security considerations.

However, the school's teaching and learning program must also be free from the disruption that may be caused by unfettered access to a mobile telephone.

Mobile telephones are attractive items and can be stolen or lost.

Mount Lawley Senior High School and staff are not responsible if a student's mobile telephone is stolen or lost.

Students must be responsible for the safe keeping of their mobile telephone.

Due to these factors, in 2007 the Director General of Education directed that mobile telephones were not to be used by students in classrooms.

Pursuant to Regulation 70 of the School Education Regulations 2000, the following order is made with regard to students and mobile telephones.

A condition of students bringing a mobile telephone to Mount Lawley Senior High School is that the mobile telephone must be switched off and not used for any purpose in classrooms during lessons.

Students are also responsible for the safe keeping of any mobile telephone that they may bring to school.

Students must also note that it is a criminal offence to use a mobile telephone to menace, harass or offend another person.

If a student uses a mobile telephone in this way it is likely to be referred to the police for action.

The following guidance is also issued to students on mobile telephones:

  • If brought to school, the telephone must be secured. The school is not liable if the telephone is lost or stolen.
  • Mobile telephones may not be used between periods in order to allow students to move promptly from one class to another.
  • Mobile telephones are not to be used for the purposes of bullying other students or disrupting school operations.
  • Photographs, videos or audio sound tracks may not be taken or made from mobile telephones.
  • If students use a mobile telephone at recess or lunchtime in an improper manner, it may be confiscated by a teacher.
  • If students use a mobile telephone for any purpose in class, teachers will confiscate the mobile telephone and hand it to the relevant Associate Principal. Depending on the circumstances of the confiscation this may be held by the Associate Principal to be collected by parents.
  • If students do not follow lawful instructions issued by a teacher with regard to a mobile telephone they will be dealt with in accordance with the school's BMiS procedures.