A Team Name for the School

As you may be aware, we are searching for an all-embracing 'team name' to use for the school.

The following suggestions have come through from a variety of sources.

We are asking the school community to vote on these suggestions through email and the school's Facebook page.

Please vote for the name you like, and give us a reason for why you chose it.

Please note, your selection should be based on some connection with the school.

If you have another suggestion - it will be considered.

In alphabetical order ...


What Is It - A type of cavelry man who fights with a lance.

Why We Would Use It - Good in battle throughout history.

Why We Wouldn't - A lance is a weapon. A Lancer is also a well known car in Australia.


What Is It - A beam of light.

Why We Would Use It - They can cut through things, they have a focus.

Why We Wouldn't - Quite hard to think of a mascot. Also a well known car.


What Is It - A 'raiding party'. A group of bandits.

Why We Would Use It - They sweep in, are agressive, know what they want, and are difficult to defeat

Why We Wouldn't - Negative connotations to the word - theft, buglary. Comes across as aggressive.


What Is It - The meerkat or suricate, is a small mammal belonging to the mongoose family. It comes from the desert regions of Africa

Why We Would Use It - Cute. They work together as a family to protect each other.

Why We Wouldn't - Too cute. They are not from Australia.


What Is It - A light fog.

Why We Would Use It - Refreshing. Disorientates those who don't know where they are.

Why We Wouldn't - It is just evaporated water.


What Is It - The quoll or chuditch, is a small carnivorous marsupial.

Why We Would Use It - Its native to Western Australia. Endangered. Cute. Carnivorous (and vicious). Lots of educational opportunities.

Why We Wouldn't - It is small.


What Is It - Used in a variety of contexts - police, military, national parks, scouting.

Why We Would Use It - A sense of out in front, first on the scene. Eager to win.

Why We Wouldn't - Popular name, even locally for sporting teams. Perhaps confusion with the Bush Ranger Cadets.


What Is It - A fish.

Why We Would Use It - The pink in the school colours is 'Salmon Pink'. They swim upstream against the flow.

Why We Wouldn't - They get eaten by bears, and when they get there they all die.