The School's colours are navy blue, white and salmon.

The uniform type and style will carry the school crest or school letters so that they are clearly identifiable as Mount Lawley Senior High School students.

Enrolment to Mount Lawley Senior High School constitutes an awareness and acceptance of the school uniform code.

All clothing is to be in good state of repair, clean and neat.

Immodest clothing is not acceptable.

All items are only purchasable at the Uniform shop.

Girls General Uniform


Short/Long Sleeve. White Blouse with Crest

Polo Shirts

Navy Blue or White with crest for Middle School.

White only with crest for Senior School.


Tailored trousers in plain navy blue.


Tailored in plain navy blue.


To be plain navy blue inverted pleated and of appropriate length with identifying school letters. Black Opaque Tights.


Navy blue dress with identifying school crest

Boys General Uniform


Navy Trousers


Navy Shorts. Plain above the knee


Short/Long Sleeve. White Shirt with Crest

Polo Shirts

Navy Blue or White with crest for Middle School.

White only with crest for Senior School.

Unisex Uniform


V-neck Jumper with Crest (poly/cotton for wool allergic students)


Weatherproof zip jacket. Navy blue with white and salmon trim plus crest.


White socks with school colours


Must be lace up and fully covered black shoes. (This is a safety requirement for several subject areas in the school). They may be used for sport with suitable non marking soles.


School cap/bucket hat or wide brim with identifying school crest. (Bandannas or beanies are not allowed)

Sport Shorts

Navy Blue with crest. Students are expected to change for Sport and Physical Education.

Sport Shirt

Navy blue and white sport shirt with school crest.


School Tie only


School scarf in navy with white and salmon striping.

School Bag

Chiropak II with ergonomic support.


Students may purchase and wear a school blazer


Make-up, Hair, Jewellery, Piercings

Facial piercing (such as eyebrow rings, nose studs, lip rings, etc, ) excessive make-up or jewellery and inappropriate coloured hair, will not be permitted. Jewellery will be appropriate to the learning environment. Any tattoo should not be visible.


Uniform Shop

Opening hours and contact details can be found here.


Second Hand Uniform

Please contact our School Chaplain (0419 048 310) for details.

Second Hand Uniform is available from the Student Services building by appointment.