Aboriginal Excellence Program

Mount Lawley Senior High School has established a program to support the tertiary aspirations of a selective group of Aboriginal students throughout their secondary schooling experience.

The aspects of the Aboriginal Excellence Program are listed below:

  • Quality teaching and learning.

  • Access to strategic support staff- access to tertiary institution mentors.

  • Supportive School leadership.

  • Engaging with parents.

  • Monitoring students progress.

  • Enhanced educational and career prospects.

  • Effective teaching and learning environment that provides opportunities

  • For students to develop their full potential.

  • Targeted homework classes.

  • Personalised learning programs.

  • Strategic partnership with Edith Cowan University and Kurongkuri Katijin Centre.

  • Supportive environment which celebrates Indigenous heritage and diversity.

  • Develop leadership skills.

Students will also have access to a range of career and vocational opportunities during their journey at Mount Lawley Senior High School with parents contributing to their own child's personal plan.

The Aboriginal Excellence Program is consistent with Mount Lawley Senior High School's commitment to supporting the educational aspirations of its diverse student population.

The focus is the successful academic / educational outcomes for Aboriginal students:

  • Identifying students with sound academic aptitude.

  • Ensuring those students are located in a high expectations school environment.

  • Developing a personalised learning plan for each student.

  • Providing students with an effective teaching and learning environment.

  • Complementing school programs with tutoring, mentoring, cultural curriculum, career focussed activities - including personalised learning plans.

  • Engaging parents in the children's learning program.

  • Monitoring student progress to ensure appropriate support is provided.

Aboriginal Excellence Program Brochure (pdf)

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